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kelwebby's Journal

I like drinking with friends and listening to good music. Nothing beats a Jim Beam and Coke after work on a Friday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!

A typical dreamy perfect day for me would be to work my horses in the morning, get in the rally car and hoon down south to go water skiing and dirt bike riding. Take some footage of us running amok, then either camp the night or fly the chopper home.

Another aspect of my dreamy lifestyle would be work the horses of course, then head out with the girls in the mustang cobra convertible for shopping, dayspa, dining, hitting the beach and perving. Otherwise fly to Melb/Paris or wherever a fashion launch is being held and arrange new merchandise for the boutique I own in town.

They are just a couple of perfect days that life has install for me hopefully. In all my spare time I will probly head to the track and race my v8 supercar. But majority of the time I should be at the track attempting to prepare my racehorses for success.

A girl can dream huh. At the mo all I have is the working of horses. But we must remember Rome wasnt built in a day.